About us

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Our vision is that Scotland’s poorest communities should flourish.


Values and beliefs

  • Our work is rooted in the shared commitment across diverse faith communities for a fairer and more just society.

  • People struggling against poverty lie at the heart of what we do.

  • We hold that structural injustice and the refusal to share wealth fairly are the root causes of poverty.

  • We are committed to the creation of a more just and equal society.

  • We are deliberately hopeful, choosing to focus on people’s strengths and potential.

  • We hold that resources must go to local communities where they are most needed.

  • We value listening to and learning from those we work alongside and sharing this learning widely.

Our particular contribution
….is to encourage and support faith groups to work with each other and with other partners in bringing this about.
…is to encourage and support those struggling against poverty to challenge injustice and develop their own approaches and solutions.

The way we work

  • We work alongside faith groups through teams of paid staff and/or volunteers.

  • We work alongside people surviving poverty and struggling to overcome it.

  • We respond to requests for particular forms of support and intervention.

  • We facilitate opportunities for faith groups and others to participate in wider regional and/or national initiatives developed in the statutory and voluntary sectors.

  • We bring people together for shared learning, opportunities and training.

  • We channel resources of money, time and skills into Scotland’s poorest communities.

Current Strategic Objectives

  • To increase the capacity and resilience of faith groups serving Scotland’s poorest communities.

  • To support faith groups’ engagement with the most vulnerable people in their communities.

  • To support faith groups in tackling difference and reducing conflict in Scotland’s poorest communities.

  • To equip people struggling against poverty to speak out with confidence and to encourage all of us to listen and respond.

We believe strongly in the immense strength and gifts of local people. They are the experts who have the vision, determination and desire to make a real difference in the places where they live. Our staff and volunteers give them a helping hand in many different ways.

Faith in Community Scotland is a Scottish charity (SC036787) with strong core values guiding all that we do. We’ve been working with faith groups since our establishment in 2005, and have developed a strong track record in asset-based community development. We hope this website gives you a flavour of what we do – and that you will want to find out more.